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Al-Thamarat company has establish since 1400/1980 as individual firm the turned to limited company in 1405/1985. It started with a clear vision and huge ambition that made it progress constantly. This placed the company in a high positive in our field in our home country another reason behind our success is that the company uniquely keeps up with the progress the kingdom witnesses Also our company sets some ambitious objectives to accomplish and follows a real vision of the future which take into consideration expansion plans. Therefore Al-Thamarat Company become in the positive which it no occupies with the blessings of Allah and the tremendous effort the company’s staff exert that we try all our best not only to help in pushing economy wheel in our dear Kingdom but also to visualize a new modern concept of investment.


Company Departments

Al-Thamarat Company has various since the established years and during the previous years it has a prominent place among the private sectors and with who worked in the same field the company has cover it’s dealership network from aboard and became an agents to all north Africa and Arabic Gulf contries. That company includes many departments, such as the following:
First: contracting Department.
Second: Decoration Department.
Third: Hosing Department.
Fourth: the shades Department.
Fifth: the Supplies Department.
Sixth: Cleaning Department.
Seventh: Maintenance Department.
Eighth: Environment Department.








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